Fun Things To Do in Grand Rapids

Whether you are a local, looking for some inspiration or a first timer, looking to uncover some hidden gems in Grand Rapids, we are about to get into some of the best things to do in the Grand Rapids area. 

Local Parks in Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids is loaded with opportunities to get outside and enjoy some nature so we’re going to cover the top local parks in the Grand Rapids area. Our first suggestion is Frederick Meyer Gardens and Sculpture Park with their combination of amazing outdoor gardens. They have a tropical conservatory and an amazing collection of sculptures making it a must-visit destination for both art and nature enthusiasts alike. 

Millennium Park over in the Wyoming area covers approximately 1500 acres, making it one of the largest urban parks in Michigan. They have places to walk, bike, enjoy the beach, and more. It’s a great green space to check out. 

Moving over to Johnson Park in Grandville, they have loads of space to enjoy a picnic, engage in sports activities like Frisbee golf or biking, relax in the natural setting of the park, or enjoy a picnic. That’s a great spot to check out as well. 

Then in the heart of Northeast Grand Rapids is Riverside Park located right along the Grand River. There’s river access for boating, picnic areas, playgrounds, a Frisbee golf course, and walking and biking trails that connect to the white pine biking trail. 

Grand Rapids Museums 

If you’re looking to learn something new in Grand Rapids, there are several amazing museums throughout the city like the Gerald R. Ford Museum, the Grand Rapids Public Museum, Grand Rapids Art Museum, Children’s Museum, and more.

Animal Exhibits to Check Out  

If you are an animal lover, we have loads of amazing animal exhibits to check out in the Grand Rapids area, starting with John Ball Zoo. John Ball Zoo has been a prominent cultural and educational institution in the Grand Rapids area for over a century. They have several annual events and amazing exhibits for you and your friends and family to check out, so definitely make a stop here. 

Then there’s the Boulder Ridge Wild Animal Park. This is a family-owned and operated animal park that provides visitors with the opportunity to see and learn about a variety of exotic animals. A favorite exhibit within the team is going to be the Giraffe Exhibit. 

Then heading over to the west side of Grand Rapids is Blandford Nature Center. They offer a range of outdoor activities, educational programs, and wildlife exhibits to connect people with the natural world. And this is also a great space to enjoy a nice walk in the park with your dog. 

These are some awesome places to learn about animals, interact with some animals, and enjoy nature. 

Food in Grand Rapids 

Grand Rapids has an amazing food scene. We have many different restaurants to try and some of our team’s favorites are right downtown. There’s Madrid, Scholar, and Black Napkin, just to name a few. 

Grand Rapids Historic District 

Grand Rapids is also home to one of the largest urban historic districts in the US. It covers about 3,500 homes and buildings and it’s just outside of the heart of downtown Grand Rapids. One great thing to do outside is to enjoy a walk through this neighborhood and check out the Meyer May House, which is a Frank Lloyd Wright building, known as Michigan’s Prairie Masterpiece. So this is a great place to go. You can take a tour here on Sundays and learn more about the architect and property itself. 

Heritage Hill offers self-guided walking tours and guided tours to the public. The Heritage Hill Association also organizes events like the Heritage Hill Weekend Tour of Homes where you can walk through the neighborhood and tour some of the properties themselves.

More Fun Things To Do in GR 

Outside of all these amazing things to do throughout Grand Rapids, there are loads of other amazing annual events that the city hosts as well like Art Prize and Festival of the Arts. You can learn more about them on Eventbrite and Experience Grand Rapids.