7 Things to Do in Grand Rapids with Kids

Grand Rapids is a very family-friendly city and full of fun and exciting activities for kids to do in our community. We love to support this city and we’re excited to share some of the great things to do in Grand Rapids with kids! 

7 Things to Do in Grand Rapids with Kids

Grand Rapids Children’s Museum 

First on the list is the Grand Rapids Children’s Museum. This place is definitely a favorite for the kids. The museum has its monthly exhibits with some really creative new activities for the kids to enjoy, there is a Little GR, the dinosaur exhibit, and a really cool bubble exhibit. It’s such a cool place for the kids to go.

John Ball Zoo 

Over on the northwest side of Grand Rapids is John Ball Zoo and the kids will absolutely love it here. There are some incredible animal exhibits, amazing classes for children to get involved, and an event schedule that you need to check out.

One of the best events at the John Ball Zoo is IllumiZoo. This is an awesome event for everybody to enjoy at night as the whole place is glowing. You get to check out all of the animals in the evening and it’s such a cool atmosphere. And coming soon is a very large, well-talked-about hippo exhibit that everyone is getting excited to visit. Make sure to check out the John Ball Zoo with the kids here in Grand Rapids.

Grand Rapids Public Museum 

Another fun opportunity for kids in Downtown Grand Rapids is the Grand Rapids Public Museum. If you’re hanging around downtown, you may have seen the carousel from the street or the river, but this amazing carousel is a big hit with the kids. The Grand Rapids Public Museum also has Finny the Whale, which is a massive whale hanging in the sky. This museum features a steam engine, planetarium, and world-class exhibits, so you’re definitely going to want to check out the Grand Rapids Public Museum with the kids.

Millennium Park 

Next on the list is Millennium Park on the northwest side of Grand Rapids. This is a 1400-acre park, which has everything for the kids and family to enjoy. They feature an awesome splash pad for those hot summer days, a sandy beach, and a massive pond. They also have a ninja course, which the kids always think is really cool. While there with the whole family, you can also enjoy fishing, biking, and walking along the trails. Make sure you check out Millennium Park on the northwest side of Grand Rapids with the kids! 

Rosa Parks Circle 

Let’s talk about ice skating downtown in Grand Rapids at Rosa Parks Circle. Rosa Parks Circle is right in the heart of downtown Grand Rapids and is such a special place on a cold winter afternoon or evening to bring the kids, grab some hot chocolate, and skate around. We definitely recommend Rosa Parks Circle for some winter fun with the kids in Grand Rapids. 

Frederick Meijer Garden 

Popping over to the northeast side of Grand Rapids is Frederick Meijer Gardens. We absolutely love the Gardens and it’s also a great place for kids. Frederick Meijer Gardens is one of the nation’s top display gardens and sculpture parks, and they even have a fun butterfly exhibit and children’s garden. The kids will love going outside to enjoy the children’s sculpture park, which includes sandboxes, tree houses, cabins, gardens, and more.

Throughout the year, Frederick Meijer Gardens has a lot of great events from the Summer Concert Series, fall storytime for the kids, Christmas tree decorations, and so much more. There are always fun events and great exhibits happening. Frederick Meijer Gardens is 150 acres of awesome fun for the kids and the whole family.

Treerunner Adventure Park 

Another opportunity on the northeast side of Grand Rapids is the Treerunner Adventure Park. If you’ve ever wanted to hang out in the trees with your kids, then this is the place to go. With various difficulty levels, courses, and elements, the kids will love zip lining through the trees. They do have some restrictions based on children’s age and size, but no previous experience is required to have fun! This is a great place for kids’ birthday parties and events, so we definitely suggest Treerunner Adventure Park on the northeast side of Grand Rapids.

Of course, there are plenty more things you can do with kids in Grand Rapids but we hope this gets you excited to get out in our amazing city with the whole family! Now we want to hear from you, what are your favorite things to do in Grand Rapids with kids?  Make sure to leave a comment and let us know!