Summer To-Do List: Grand Rapids Edition

Summer isn’t over yet and while the weather is still working in our favor, we’re looking for more ways to get outside and enjoy this beautiful time in West Michigan. We’ve gathered a list of some great things to do in Grand Rapids so if you haven’t checked any of these items off your Grand Rapids Summer To-Do list, get to it before summer ends!

  1. Frederik Meijer Gardens Sculpture Park

Don’t miss out on an opportunity to enjoy the various exhibits, sculptures, gardens or concerts through the summer! Frederik Meijer Gardens is the perfect spot for you and your loved ones to come enjoy a nice evening singing along to your favorite bands.

  1. Boulder Ridge Wild Animal Park

    From antelope and giraffes to crocodiles and emus, Boulder Ridge Wild Animal Park offers an interactive, educational experience for all animal lovers of all ages.  

  1. Take advantage of all of the fresh water! 

    Check out our blog on where to enjoy a sunny day, toes in the water! 

  1. Festivals

    We don’t miss a single opportunity to gather and celebrate together here in Grand Rapids. Festivals range from celebrations of the Arts, Asian Pacific, Founders, Hispanic, Music, Movies, Independence, GRandJazz, Polish, Pride and more

  1. Street Fairs

Eastown Street fair and WestSide street fair occur as summer months wind down, in September. 

  1. Support Local Farmers at Farmers Markets

Fulton Street Farmers Market, Grand Farmers Market, Holland Farmers Market, Rockford Farm Market, Muskegon Farmers Market, all offer a place for community members, farmers and artisans to gather and enjoy farm fresh products.

  1. West Michigan Whitecaps

Grab your ball cap, peanuts and friends and head out to the ballpark for a Whitecaps game!

  1. Get active outside

    Bike, hike, fish, kayak, run, golf, do yoga, swim and more! Grand Rapids is filled with and surrounded by opportunity to get outside and enjoy the fresh air for a while. 

  1. Watch a Movie in the Park

    Watch a movie on the big screen along the river every other Friday through the  summer in the Monroe North neighborhood.

  1.  Enjoy the Musical Fountain in Grand Haven

    Grab a spot across the river and prepare to be dazzled at sundown. Every night, the colorful fountain dances along to a wide variety of music. Watch out for themed nights and events for a special show!