The Best Grand Rapids Restaurants

We hope you came hungry because we’re going to be touring what we believe to be some of the best restaurants in the Grand Rapids area.


If you’re looking for a great spot to take your partner out, go out with friends, or even treat yourself, we’re going to start over here in Cherry Hill at Grove. This is another excellent restaurant brought to us by the Essence Restaurant Group. They also own Bistro Bella Vita downtown, Lucy’s in Creston, and Green Well.

Grove was one of the first farm-to-table restaurants in Grand Rapids. They focus on bringing all-natural, local ingredients from family farms and sustainable providers in the area. Their menu changes with the seasons and focuses on selections that follow the Midwest farming seasons, for the absolute freshest cuisine possible. One of my favorites on this menu is the potato-crusted fish, but you really can’t go wrong here. So check it out, grab one of their alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages, and enjoy the new ambiance that they just renovated in this space.

Black Napkin

We’re going to stick in the East Hills neighborhood and pop over to a newer restaurant called Black Napkin. This is a newer, delicious, and super affordable takeout spot in the Grand Rapids area. They have smash burgers, fried chicken sandwiches, french fries, and house-made sodas. This is another local restaurant that focuses on bringing the most fresh local ingredients to the table. The fries are also a highlight in this restaurant since they can be rolled in what they call a custy dust. They have multiple different options for you to spice up your fries like kimchi and Parmesan, smoked Sorento chili, cheddar cheese, and salt and red wine vinegar. This is definitely something unique to try in the area. It’s more of a takeout spot, so not a lot of room to eat in there unless you’re doing a quick lunch, but a great spot to order and take the food home.


Next up on our tour of Grand Rapids restaurants, we’re going to head downtown to the top of the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel to visit MDRD. This is a favorite local restaurant amongst members of our team, not only for the amazing city views that you get from the top of the Amway, but the very explorative menu and the great service. MDRD has been voted the best date night restaurant and best service in the city since it’s been open. Outside of their normal dining space, they have two floors of event space perfect for your next gathering, including a private balcony overlooking the Grand River, with a tasting view curated by their chef for your evening. A must-try on their menu is going to be the Paella de Langosta, which is lobster, and they’ve got a very unique dessert called Árbol de Caramelo, which is stunning, so definitely try that.

Butcher’s Union

We’re going to head west now onto Bridge Street to visit another local favorite called Butcher’s Union. They have an expansive whiskey and meat-focused menu. Outside of the amazing whiskey and meat options, they also have some very veggie-focused meals and seafood-focused meals as well, so there are really options for anyone here. This is a restaurant that does not take reservations, and it definitely fills up quickly, so we suggest getting there at opening to secure your spot. A must-try on the menu is their smoked old-fashioned and crispy Brussels sprouts with bacon. So if you’re over on the west side and looking for a great spot to eat, this is definitely one to check out.


Heading out east to Ada, we’re going to check out the newest addition to the community called Myrth. Myrth is being led by Chef Paul Berglund, a chef who won the Best in the Midwest. This restaurant is set to highlight the best West Michigan seasons have to offer, through delicious wood-fired pizzas and freshly made pasta. Think of a lot of local ingredients making up the best Italian food. A must-try on this menu is the spicy cheese pizza. It has an amazingly modern, contemporary ambiance, so a great spot to enjoy a nice pizza or pasta.

Now we would love to hear a little bit more about some of your favorite restaurants in Grand Rapids. Let us know in the comments! 

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