Photography & Staging Tips

Neutralize. Declutter. Clean.

90% of buyers begin their search by looking at photos online.
Professional photos and staging get an average of 61% more views than listings without & remain on the market for 10 days less.
Video promotion of a home leads to 400% more inquiry than homes without.

We work with Next Door Photos to provide optimal photography and videography services to ensure the listing of your home stuns and lures potential buyers to your front door.

Check out this episode of The Living in Grapids Podcast with Natalie Kaman of At Home Design & Staging.

Here’s a list of recommendations and tips for attracting the right buyers for your home:

Exterior: First impressions are important!

Close and clean the garage doors, remove cars from inside and outside, landscape the green spaces surrounding your home, remove all visible lawn tools, hoses, and pet accessories, clean your driveway, sidewalks and decks, tidy deck and/or pool furniture, remove all toys and lawn ornaments, consider painting areas that need to be brightened.


Interior: Create a welcoming space.

Open all window shades and curtains, replace all burnt-out lightbulbs, turn on all lights, remove shoes from view, clean all window glass, consider using fresh flowers as centerpieces on tables.

Kitchen: Come cook in the heart of the home.

Clear everything off the countertops, clear all decorations from the refrigerator, remove garbage cans from sight, remove any sink accessories, remove rugs to expose the quality of the flooring, and make sure all dishes out of sight.

Common Rooms: Create a space they’ll want to gather in.

Remove all personal items like family photos, toys, magazines, etc., dust and wipe furniture and electronics, arrange furniture in a way that creates ample space, arrange pillows and other coffee table accessories to appear neat, roll up cords and keep them out of sight, remove all remote controls, keep all neutral art pieces.

Dining Room: Prepare to entertain.

Make sure the table is spotless and free of any random items, set the table properly, and straighten the chairs, use a neutral centerpiece to tie the room together.

Bedroom: So inviting, they’ll want to lie down.

Make beds pristinely, with clean linens, remove personal items from dressers, hide all charging or electrical cables, remove anything visible under the bed, remove any personal decorations from walls.

Bathroom: Stage like a spa.

Remove all personal items, stow away all toiletries, clean the room until it’s spotless, remove garbage cans, and close any storage doors, use clean, white towels, replace the toilet paper roll with a new one, use air fresheners.

Pets: We love them, but we don’t want to see or smell them.

Hide pet beds, food bowls, litter boxes, and toys, ensure all pet hair is cleaned from furniture and floors, air, or freshen any room that has a certain smell from your fur baby.