Moving Checklist

To help you organize your move, we have compiled a moving checklist for you in order to make the moving process a seamless transition.
  1. Complete change of address either by completing a form online at
  2. Notify all utility companies.
  3. Seller: Call for final reading.
  4. Buyer: Call to have service entered in your name.
  5. Buyer and Seller should make these calls for the day of possession to prevent interruption of service.
  6. Notify insurance companies (life, health, auto).
  7. Change of address on all publications and subscriptions.
  8. Change address on driver’s license. If leaving the state, apply for a new license.
  9. Notify all open charge accounts and banks.
  10. Research local trash and recycling Services.
  11. Update voter registration.

Click here to view the May Group's full moving checklist