The Best Dog Parks in Grand Rapids

We are a team of animal lovers and with nearly every member of our team having a dog, we love a trip to the dog park. The good news is that we have some of the best dog parks in Grand Rapids to explore and enjoy with your favorite four-legged friend. 

The Best Dog Parks in Grand Rapids

The Pack Indoor Dog Park

We’re going to kick it off at The Pack Indoor Dog Park in Comstock Park. This place is one of the team favorites because you have the indoor space which is huge and then you still have a great outdoor space. It’s perfect for the summer months when you want to get outside and let your dog enjoy a little kiddie pool out there or during the winter months when you want to be more comfortable and enjoy the indoor space as well.

There are a ton of dogs out and about roaming around, so it’s very fun for your furry friend. But in addition to that, this space is also great to come and spend time with your friends and enjoy yourself. They have a full bar and amazing food, and they even do fish Fridays making this a really nice spot to come and enjoy with your dog and some friends.

Grand Ravines

Next, is the Grand Ravines in Jenison. This is another favorite because they have acres and acres of land for our fur babies to enjoy. They have both a large dog and a small dog space so everyone can have their own comfortable play buddies. In addition, they have acres of amazing off-leash trails that your dog can enjoy and you can work on off-leash command and calling with them. It’s a great spot to check out on the west side of town. If you haven’t been there already, definitely give it a shot.

Shaggy Pines

The next stop is Shaggy Pines out in Cascade. This is a really great space because they have over 16 acres of land and off-leash trails. Another thing that makes the space really unique is that each dog has to go through a behavioral evaluation and needs to be up to date on all of their vaccines in order to come to visit this park. They also have a really nice washing station inside so after your dogs have had their fun getting muddy and playing outdoors, you can bring them inside, rinse them off, and then head out for the day.

Westside Dog Park

Our final stop is at Westside Dog Park. This is the newest dog park in West Michigan and has been a hit since. It’s a great spot for all of our downtown furry friends to enjoy as it is just a couple of blocks away from Bridge Street and a great space to come and check out.

Which dog park are you going to check out first? Do you have a favorite we didn’t talk about today? Definitely let us know your favorite dog park in the greater Grand Rapids area!