Dog Training Facilities in Grand Rapids

We are a team with a lot of dog owners so we know firsthand that dog ownership can be some of the most fulfilling and exciting experiences that one can have. However, we also know if your dog ends up developing some problems or behavioral issues that you’re not equipped to handle, it’s time to call the professionals. So if you want to be one of those people who can bring their well-behaved dog to their favorite dog-friendly restaurants, then you’re going to love today’s conversation. We’re going to be talking about dog training facilities in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Dog Training Facilities in Grand Rapids

A Pleasant Dog 

A Pleasant Dog in Grand Rapids offers both private training and group training lessons for you and your furry friend. You can either get that one-on-one attention or group attention. In addition to that, they also have day boarding and training services. You can bring your dog in for the day, they’ll spend time training them, and then you can pick them up at the end of the day. There are a number of different great training opportunities, and they are all force-free and violence free. This is a very safe and effective way of training your dog.

Aside from training, they just started a new grooming service here at A Pleasant Dog, so now you can come and get force-free grooming as well as specialized and attentive care for your dog that may not be super comfortable with the grooming process. It’s the perfect setup for you and your dog. A Pleasant Dog is one of the premier sources for positive reinforcement training in the West Michigan area and beyond, so they’re a great resource to consider if you’re looking for a professional dog trainer in Grand Rapids.

Kim’s K-9 Training 

Next up, we’re talking about Kim’s K-9 Training which has been around for over 35 years in Kentwood, Michigan, just outside of Grand Rapids. They have got a glowing reputation. At Kim’s, they have obedience training, leash training, and trick training, and they do all of this in either a private or group setting, so you have options to meet your dog’s needs.

Another unique feature at Kim’s is they have a doggy boot camp where you can pay to drop your dog off for a month. Each day, your dog will get training with their specialized trainers, and at the end of that month, you can go into the facility, meet with the trainers, learn what your dog has learned, and best learn how you can reinforce those behaviors at home.

Off-Leash K9 Training

Next on the list is Off Leash K9 Training in Grand Rapids, Michigan. This place is unique because they work on making sure your dogs are 100% obedient, 100% off-leash, and 100% distraction-free. What you’re going to get out of this training is a dog that is totally responsive to you without the use of a restrictive leash. Off Leash K9 Training has one and two-week board and train options where you drop your dog off and they get trained, and then at the end of that training session, you actually come and learn about what your dog has learned. Off Leash K9 Training’s main focus is to ensure that your dog is as obedient as a police or military dog. You’re going to get some very focused training and a wonderful dog at the end of your training.

Happy Tails 

The last Grand Rapids dog training facility we want to mention today is Happy Tails, located on the northeast side of Grand Rapids. They are great because they have both private training and group training options for any dog ranging from puppy, specific skills and behaviors, to very specialized anxious or aggressive dog support. They also have an amazing monthly pop-up where you can come in for a day, learn a specific skill or trick with your dog, and go on with your day, which is a fun way to keep your pup learning all the time. 

Now we want to hear from you – what is your favorite dog trick? This can be a trick your dog knows or one you’ve seen done and you’d love to teach your dog. Also, don’t forget to let us know if we’re missing any of your favorite dog training facilities in Grand Rapids that we should be checking out!