Creston Community

Creston is known and loved as the largest neighborhood in the Grand Rapids area. It is home to the largest green space, Riverside Park, as well as many other parks, trails, and a country club making it ideal for nature lovers.

The area is developing more and more each year, welcoming new businesses and new community-driven attractions. The community has a younger feel as many students, young professionals, and young families have moved to this neighborhood over recent years. Home prices are still very affordable, but the demand to get into the 49505 area code has increased and the competition on homes is growing.

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Here are a few of our favorite local businesses in Creston:

  • Creston Brewery: A microbrewery, restaurant, and event space located in a historic & iconic furniture showroom.
  • Lions and Rabbits: Enjoy this local gallery, education center & event space.
  • Creston Market: A neighborhood grocery and convenience store that has served the Creston neighborhood since 1876.
  • Listen to this episode of the Living in Grand Rapids Podcast with more great local spots.

If Creston’s community seems like the right fit for you or you’d like more information, please reach out to May Group Realtors at (616) 330-2555 so we can help you find a home today.