What you need to know about the Grand Rapids Airport before moving here!

One of the common questions we get from some of our home buyers who are relocating to West Michigan is, “Where are we in proximity to the airport?” This can be very important for a lot of people who need to be close to the airport for job purposes, to get in and out of town, and for general convenience, so let’s get into all the details about the Grand Rapids Airport, Gerald R. Ford International Airport.

Location of the Grand Rapids Airport 

The location of the Grand Rapids Airport is super convenient. It’s about 13 miles southeast of the downtown district, with plenty of freeway access points that wrap around the entire airport. There’s the M6 corridor, 96 coming across, and Broadmoor coming down south. Basically, anywhere you may be coming from all of West Michigan, it’s easily accessible. We have Caledonia bordering the south, the Forest Hills area bordering to the east, and Kentwood just west.

The airport itself is a large airport. It’s about 3,600 acres, and this space is always growing and developing. They always have some new things going on to keep expanding, so we can imagine, that over the next five to 10 years, this airport is going to continue to grow and grow.

Airlines Available at the Grand Rapids Airport 

Getting into some airlines that have a big presence here are going to be Delta, American, and Southwest. For a full list of airlines that service the Gerald R. Ford International Airport, check out this list.

While it’s not known for being a direct-flight airport, there are plenty of direct flights available depending on your destination. You can expect most connections to go through Detroit or Chicago, and then you’re off to your final destination.

What to expect 

One of the things that’s also impressive about this airport is the overall quality. Gerald R. Ford International is really focused on continuing to push the envelope on quality upgrades. They now feature a modern design center with state-of-the-art amenities, many shops, restaurants, a business center, high-level security measures, TSA pre-check services, and complimentary wifi throughout. It really makes for an enjoyable travel experience coming into this airport.

Parking at the Airport 

Parking is a big deal when getting in and out of the airport. We all know that there’s nothing worse than having a long trip and then you have to walk two miles to your car. The parking at the Grand Rapids airport is one of the highlights of this airport for many. There is a big parking ramp right across the street from the terminal with both a short-term parking ramp and a long-term parking ramp, right in the same parking garage. There are also some economy lot options, which are still just a short trip away. Regardless of the option you choose, the parking here is super convenient for in and out accessibility.

Additional Conveniences

There are some really cool conveniences at this airport. For starters, there is the viewing airport. This is a very unique place because it’s beautiful, spacious, and very park-like. This is a great place for anybody to come but may be especially fun for the kids. They have some food trucks that come in here once in a while, a designated restroom area, tons of parking overlooking the ramps, and the actual airport. So it’s a really cool spot.

In a lot of different airports, the cell phone lot might be a couple of miles away but the cell phone lot at the Gerald R. Ford airport is just a quarter mile from the terminals, so it is super convenient for pickups.

Dining Options inside the Airport

Another part of the travel experience you may be asking about is what are your dining options when traveling through the Gerald R. Ford Airport. With all the upgrades the Grand Rapids airport has done a great job with bringing some great food into the mix. Right when you exit out of security into the actual airport itself, you’re going to run into Prospect Hill, where you’ll find Founders Brewery on tap and a full-service restaurant. There is the Michigan Taproom, which focuses on local brews and has a bit of a sports bar theme. There is also the Great American Bagel Shop, which is very popular in the morning for people to get their breakfast sandwiches and coffees before hopping on their flights.

As far as the Gerald R. Ford International Airport goes, what comes to mind should be convenience, overall quality, and accessibility. It’s not a massive airport, but there are massive opportunities for traveling all over.

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