What to Know About Living in Grandville, Michigan

Looking to relocate to the Grand Rapids area, and not quite sure what area you’re looking to settle in? Stick around as we dive into Grandville, Michigan, located just 10 minutes southwest of downtown Grand Rapids. 

Grandville’s History

Before we get to talking about the local real estate market, let’s take a step back to 1883, when Grandville was founded as a city. Grandville played a key role in the logging community here in Michigan, due to the fact that it’s located right on the Grand River, right where the river bends. It was very important to have people around near the bend to make sure the logs being brought down the Grand River didn’t get clogged up. So the sediment of Grandville actually played a key role in getting all the lumber for the furniture to the Grand Rapids area. 

Population of Grandville, Michigan

According to the 2021 census, Grandville’s current population is just shy of 16,000 residents. During the 1980s recession, Grandville saw an explosion of growth, due to a lot of residents moving from the Grand Rapids area in search of a little bit more space. Fast-forward to the early 90s and developers started to begin eyeing the development of a new mall near the intersection of 44th and Ivanrest, which is now known as the Rivertown Crossings Mall

Things to Do in Grandville

Over the years, Grandville has seen quite a bit of growth. You’re going to see in this city quite a bit of activity going on, as far as everything anyone’s going to need in a local suburb, yet being very close to all that downtown Grand Rapids has to offer. Here, you’re going to find big-box stores such as Best Buy, HomeGoods, Cabela’s, and the large shopping center. Not to mention, Grandville also has a lot of local popular eats, breweries, and distilleries as well. 

One thing that’s really good to consider if you’re looking into Grandville as a settling point is its actual geographical location, very close to 196. It’s a quick shot to downtown, let alone a very short drive to the lakeshore. If you’re looking to catch a hot summer’s day at the beach, it’s very easily accessible to get to both. Just off the expressway on the exit to Grandville, what you’re going to find is the little downtown area, filled with local shops, bars, restaurants, salons, and more. Surrounding the downtown area are tree-lined, beautiful, small-town neighborhoods. As you expand out a little bit further, closer to the newer development along 44th, you’re going to find the new developments with newer construction, more structured neighborhoods, and associations.

Grandville Nature Opportunities

One thing a lot of residents in the Grandville area really appreciate is the close proximity to all of the parks. There are a lot of parks and different options available to you, such as kayaking, hiking trails, mountain biking, and more. 

Grandville Public Schools

When talking with our clients relocating to Grand Rapids and surrounding areas, one of the first questions that come up is school districts. Grandville Public Schools was ranked within the top 20% of all 854 school districts in the Michigan area. The teacher-to-student ratio is 18 to 1, and it has a great reputation for engagement with the students, after-school activities, and sports as well. 

Home Prices in Grandville, Michigan

Grandville is still an incredibly affordable area compared to the surrounding areas of Grand Rapids. The average home price as of May 2023 is $287,500. You get a lot more bang for your buck, but you have everything that a larger city has to offer, such as the mall, the shopping, and the dining just a stone’s throw away, not to mention being right in the middle of downtown Grand Rapids and the lake shore in close proximity to I-196.

If you’re looking for that small-town feel with everything that a larger city has to offer, Grandville should definitely be on the shortlist. One thing that’s great about living in the West Michigan area is just the lack of traffic when compared to major metropolitan areas such as Chicago, Detroit, and other large cities. If you’re looking to stay out of the hustle and bustle of the larger city, there are a lot of different options that surround Grand Rapids that you might want to consider. Grandville is definitely one of the top-ranked ones, so take a look.