What to Know about East Grand Rapids, Michigan

Coming from the heart of East Grand Rapids, we are excited to show off one of the best communities in West Michigan. With so much to offer, we’re going to show you some of the highlights of this incredible community.

East Grand Rapids, a city within the city of Grand Rapids, was a community that was founded in the 1830s by the Reeds family. There is a population of roughly 12,000 people that live in this community. One of the highlights of this area is its walkability. People love to live here because they love the community atmosphere, the parks, playgrounds, schools, shopping, and the proximity to everything.

What to Know about East Grand Rapids, Michigan

Gaslight Village

Gaslight Village is in the heart of East Grand Rapids and is a shopping district. This is a great place to come and relax. You can get your coffee in the morning, stroll the streets, and support some local businesses. There are some incredible restaurants, shopping, a grocery store, and a favorite for many, Jersey Junction, the best spot to grab some amazing ice cream.

Reeds Lake

Reeds Lake is also in the heart of this community. This is a beautiful all-sports lake, about 262 acres, and 50 feet deep. You’ll see a lot of fishermen out on the lake as there is really good fishing. It is a public lake, so you have public access and launch. There is also Collins Park, which is a great place to come relax and they typically have some good concerts here in the summer. We’re also right next to Rose’s Restaurant, which is one of the most iconic restaurants in the area. It’s right on the banks of the lake and an amazing place to relax and eat. We’re also right next to the Grand Rapids Yacht Club, which is a great place for people to learn how to sail, get involved in the yacht scene, and sail on the lake. We always love how active of an area it is around Reeds Lake.

Making your way around the lake, it’s about a four-mile loop. You will always see a ton of people walking, running, and biking their way around as it’s one of the most active places in Grand Rapids as far as fitness, sports, and people just wanting to be outdoors in this beautiful area. For people that haven’t been here, this is one of the best-hidden gems and best spots in EGR.

East Grand Rapids Schools 

The beautiful thing about the schools here is the proximity and location right downtown, overlooking Reeds Lake, but that’s not the only reason to love the East Grand Rapids School System; the academics are an incredible thing too.

East Grand Rapids ranks as one of the highest public school districts in the entire state of Michigan so people gravitate towards this area if they want walkability, great schools for their children, along with athletics and club sports. If you come here on a Friday night, you’re going to see the fans, the Friday Night Lights, and the spirit in the air. The high school football stadium literally overlooks Reed’s Lake and the energy is electric. All in all, East Grand Rapids is one of the best school districts in West Michigan.

East Grand Rapids Real Estate

We couldn’t talk about the amazing parts of EGR without talking about the real estate, neighborhoods, and some of the architectural styles you’ll see within this community. East Grand Rapids is a mix of Victorian, traditional design, modern design, and some new designs. There are a lot of different age ranges in this community and so you’ll see some houses built in the early 1900s, but you’ll also see a mix of some homes built in the 50s, 60s. Talking about home values in this area, these have risen over the past couple of years with the average real estate value for homes in East Grand Rapids being roughly $760,000 right now.

There’s so much more for you to love about East Grand Rapids so we highly encourage you to get out there, check it out for yourself, and explore all that this amazing community has to offer.