Three Slip-Ups to Avoid When Selling Your Home In The Winter


Don’t let a dull, dreary winter dampen your hopes of a succesful home sale! Avoid this list of winter slip-ups when selling your home in the off-season and say hello to starting fresh in no time!


Slip-up #1: Stowing away your shovels

Whether you break down and buy that fancy snowblower with all the bells and whistles (heated handles and power steering, anyone?) or get out into the great white beyond with nothing but your trusty shovel and some sweat equity, be sure to keep a clear, clean path at all times for potential buyers. Nothing says, “Not our problem anymore!” quite like an un-shoveled, unsafe walkway, and nothing will give your buyers a worse first impression of how you care for your home come winter. So, clear a clean, well-shoveled path, salt your sidewalks and pathways when necessary, and consider putting out a durable-yet-decorative welcome mat where guests can wipe (and stow!) their shoes during showings.


Slip-up #2: Sticking with stale listing photos

Nervous your home won’t sell with wintry looking exterior shots on your listing? What’s even worse is using those clearly out-of-season shots you snapped last summer. They won’t match the style and quality of the professional real estate shots provided by your agent’s photographer, and, worse yet, they can give potential buyers the impression that you’re hiding something about the home’s current state by using an outdated alternative. So, work with your agent and your agent’s photographer to capture your home in its best and most accurate light – even if that means a wintry-white, snow-dusted scene.


Slip-up #3: Setting the wrong scene for showings

When showing your home in the winter, there are plenty of details that can make or break the mood of your space. Forget about your energy bill and be sure to set your thermostat high enough to keep potential buyers feeling the warm, cozy vibes all throughout their showing. A thermostat set too low could make your home feel drafty and poorly insulated, raising red flags for buyers. Also, keep your home well-styled and staged, without going overboard on loud, stylespecific holiday decor that could be off-putting to potential buyers.