Things to do Around the House

Ideas of What to Do While at Home

Looking to add a new activity to your daily routine at home? We’ve got inspiration for you in every corner of your house. We hope you & your loved ones are staying healthy & making new memories while at home during these interesting times. Please reach out if you’re looking for more ideas or would like to share ideas of your own with us!


Things to do in the kitchen:

  • Put together a photo-worthy charcuterie board & eat it up.

  • Make a classic cocktail or venture into creating a masterpiece of your own.

  • Try a new recipe with an international twist – try your hand at making pad thai, chicken curry or roll your own sushi.

  • Don’t forget dessert – try homemade tiramisu or creme brulee.

  • Make a trail mix to take on a hike.

  • Make pizza with homemade dough.

  • Have a taco night with homemade tortillas.

  • Make homemade pasta (really easy!) and sauce.

  • Clean out the fridge &/or pantry

  • Organize & clean your cupboards, drawers, etc.

  • Deep clean, from floors to the top of the cupboards.

Things to do in the Living Room:

  • Turn up the music and DANCE.

  • Stretch, do yoga, do pilates.

  • Meditate, there’s youtube videos & an app for inspiration.

  • Put a video/virtual workout on & get moving!

  • Download house party, zoom, skype, get connected with friends from afar!

  • Set up your tent (see if you have all of the parts)… complete with oven s’mores.

  • Have a karaoke night with your friends on zoom/skype.

  • Watch a classic movie.

  • Watch award winning films.

  • Watch the worst films. Get ready to laugh.

  • Netflix & chill.

  • Read that book you’ve been interested in.

  • Enjoy a live-stream concert, opera, play or virtual museum.

  • Learn something new, research that topic you’ve always wanted to know more about.

  • Reflect on all that you’ve accomplished, the lessons you’ve learned & how far you’ve come. Smile, take it all in.

Things to do in the Laundry Room/Bathroom:

  • Rid your closet of those items you didn’t touch over the past year.

  • Create a donation/sale pile for your local thrift stores or donation sites.

  • Learn or remind yourself how to sew, even try to sew on a button.

  • Stay on top of all of your  laundry.. Actually put it away this week!

  • Have a spa day… nails/hair/massages.

  • Make your own bath bombs.

  • Take a bubble bath.

  • Do a face mask.

  • Start that new skin routine you’ve been thinking about.

Things to do in the Outdoors:

  • Get ready to plant your spring garden.

  • Do some landscaping.

  • Hike at your local trails.

  • Make a birdfeeder.

  • Go on a run.

  • Take a bike ride.

  • Climb a tree.

  • Just breathe in the fresh air.

  • Take your dog on a walk.

  • Go old school… get out the skipping ropes, play hopscotch.

  • Run the nearest stairs you can find.


  • Download Duolingo or a similar app & learn a foreign language.