The Top 10 Questions About Grand Rapids According to Google

grand rapids skyline

If you’re looking to buy a home in Grand Rapids or will be visiting the area, you probably have some questions about Michigan’s second largest city. Rather than relying on psychic powers, we used a combination of tools to try to discover the most often asked questions about Grand Rapids. The following list is the questions we found to have the highest average monthly search volume for questions including the words “Grand Rapids” and an answer for each. In some instances, the questions are very similar, so we lump those questions together and only counted them as one.

1. The most often asked question was about which county Grand Rapids is in. There were a variety of versions of this question, but this is far and away the most asked question. The most popular versions of this question, in order, are:

  • What county is Grand Rapids Mi in?
  • What county is Grand Rapids Michigan in?
  • What county is Grand Rapids in?
  • What county is Grand Rapids Mi?

The answer? Kent County. Learn more at the Kent County website at

2. The second most popular question set related to things to do in Grand Rapids. Not surprisingly, when people are moving or visiting the city they want to know what to do. Here were the most popular versions of this question:

  • What to do in Grand Rapids Mi?
  • What to do in Grand Rapids Michigan?
  • What to do in Grand Rapids this weekend?
  • What to do in Grand Rapids tonight?

There’s no simple answer to this one as Grand Rapids has a lot to do. However, here are some links that will give you some good ideas of what Grand  Rapids has to offer:

3. Many people also seem to want to know where Grand Rapids is exactly.

  • Where is Grand Rapids Mi?
  • Where is Grand Rapids Michigan?
  • What state is Grand Rapids in?
  • Where is downtown Grand Rapids?

4. Another popular question is “What is the population of Grand Rapids Mi?”

The answer, according to the US Census Bureau’s most recent data in 2013 is 192,294.

5. “What is Grand Rapids zip code?” was the fifth most asked question.

Grand Rapids actually encompasses a number of zip codes. The list includes:

  • 49501
  • 49502
  • 49503
  • 49504
  • 49505
  • 49506
  • 49507
  • 49508
  • 49510
  • 49512
  • 49514
  • 49515
  • 49516
  • 49518
  • 49523
  • 49525
  • 49528
  • 49530
  • 49534
  • 49544
  • 49546
  • 49548
  • 49550
  • 49555
  • 49560
  • 49588
  • 49599

6. Another unsurprising question about the city that comes in sixth in the question popularity contest is “What is Grand Rapids known for?”

This answer will vary depending on who you talk to, but some common themes will likely start to appear the more you talk to people familiar with Grand Rapids. Among these items would be:

  • Furniture manufacturing (often referred to as “Furniture city”)
  • Being the home of former president Gerald R. Ford
  • Craft beer (sometimes referred to as “Beer city”)
  • ArtPrize

7. A more obscure question that is searched frequently is “What is in Grand Rapids Michigan?”

This is a bit tough to answer, but at a basic level Grand Rapids has a few elements people should know about at least from a geographic standpoint:

8. For locals, ArtPrize is the biggest event in Grand Rapids, and for locals and outsiders alike, people like to plan their trip to Grand Rapids around the event. So, not surprisingly, the eighth most popular question about Grand Rapids is “When is Grand Rapids ArtPrize?”

The event usually starts at the end of September and runs into early October, but the dates change each year. The ArtPrize website usually has updated details once the exact dates have been decided.

9. For runners, Grand Rapids has quite a few popular events. By Google’s numbers, though, the most popular question related to running is “When is the Grand Rapids Marathon?”

This event is a Boston Marathon qualifier and 2016’s event is on October 23rd. For updated details, visit the website.

10. The final question on our list also centers around an event, and it is “When is the Grand Rapids Metro Cruise?”

This popular car show will be holding its 11th annual event in August of 2016. For exact dates as they are announced, visit the 28th Street Metro Cruise website.


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