The 98 Most Popular Home “How To” Projects On the Web w/ Links!

The real estate market is as hot as ever in Grand Rapids, Michigan and one thing we’ve noticed is that buyers and sellers are all over the web looking for DIY projects to improve their homes or increase their value. If you’ve ever wondered what the most popular DIY “how to” projects are, we’re here to help. Using some tools from Google we have been able to build a list of the most popular DIY projects on the web in order of how often they get searched on Google. If you’re curious how your home projects stack up to the rest of the world, check out the list below. If you want to get your hands dirty on one of these tasks yourself, we’ve also provided a link to instructions on each of these projects (note: these are for informational purposes only, try these projects at your own risk!)

DIY deck building


"how to remove wallpaper"

"how to build a deck"

"how to install laminate flooring"


"how to build a shed"

"how to unclog a sink"

"how to stain wood"

"how to clean grout"

"how to build a dog house"

"how to install a toilet"

"how to fix a running toilet"

"how to install carpet"

"how to install a dishwasher"

"how to install a ceiling fan"

"how to fix a hole in the wall"

"how to distress wood"

"how to build a retaining wall"

"how to build a fence"

"how to build a bar"

"how to build a greenhouse"

"how to clean wood floors"

"how to build stairs"

"how to start a garden"

"how to stain a deck"

"how to install vinyl siding"

"how to build a workbench"

"how to install gutters"

"how to remove carpet"

"how to install pavers"

"how to install metal roofing”

"how to install a garbage disposal"

"how to install kitchen cabinets"

"how to build a picnic table"

"how to remove paint from wood"

"how to paint a ceiling"

"how to install recessed lighting"

"how to install a door"

"how to build a wall"

"how to build a pond"

"how to build a pole barn"

"how to build a patio"

"how to build an outdoor fireplace"

"how to build a garage"

"how to build a closet"

"how to install drywall"

"how to build a platform bed"

"how to build a murphy bed"

"how to remodel a bathroom"

"how to install vinyl flooring"

"how to install chain link fence"

"how to install backsplash"

"how to install a pocket door"

"how to build kitchen cabinets"

"how to build a storage shed"

"how to build a kitchen island"

"how to build a desk"

"how to build a cabinet"

"how to build a bookcase"

"how to build a bench"

"how to build a bed frame"

"how to build a compost bin"

"how to install wainscoting"

"how to install tile"

"how to install a garage door"

"how to install a bathtub"

"how to build shelves"

"how to build floating shelves"

"how to build a sandbox"

"how to build a playhouse"

"how to build a loft bed"

"how to build a gate"

"how to install baseboard"

"how to build deck stairs"

"how to build a garden box"

"how to install a thermostat"

"how to install a storm door"

"how to install a garage door opener"

"how to build a wood fence"

"how to build a roof"

"how to build a patio cover"

"how to build an outdoor kitchen"

"how to build a dresser"

"how to install blinds"

"how to build a door"

"how to install granite countertops"

"how to install a window air conditioner"

"how to install a water heater"

"how to install a sump pump"

"how to install a sprinkler system"

"how to install a screen door"

"how to install a light switch"

"how to install a fence"

"how to build a wheelchair ramp"

"how to build a swing set"

"how to build a pool"

"how to build a bunk bed"

"how to install vinyl plank flooring"

"how to install vinyl fence"

"how to install shingles"


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