Take a Tour of the Wealthy Theatre District in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Come along as we take you on a little tour, a historic tour of the Wealthy Theatre Historic District. One of the area’s most popular neighborhoods, the Wealthy Theatre Historic District, is packed with walkability, bars, restaurants, and pretty significant historical housing.

The History of the Wealthy Theatre District 

I’ll tell you a little bit more about that, but for starters, the historic district was formed in 1997. The theatre district actually starts at Wealthy Street at Eastern Ave, all the way up just past the Wealthy Street Theatre just before Fuller Ave.

The actual historic district spans all the way up the Wealthy Street Commercial District and includes some of the housing neighborhoods just behind, such as Donald, Robey, Fraline, Caulkins, and Visser Place. Those little areas actually used to house the Dutch migrants that used to work for all the top business owners in the area.

The reason why a lot of people decided to settle back here in the early 1900s was due to the actual public transportation at the time. The rail card actually spanned right along Wealthy Street up, so it was very easy for migrants to get two and from where they needed to go throughout the city.

Housing in this Neighborhood 

Currently today, the average sale price of homes ranges between $190,000 and up to $550,000. You’ll notice on the south side of Wealthy Street, you’ll see much larger homes, which used to house the business owners, the lawyers, and the top businessmen around the area.

Do you notice on the north side, just behind a lot of the commercial buildings, such as the one I’m standing in now on streets such as Donald, Robey, and Fraline, you’ll see the smaller homes? That is what used to house the employees and workers in the area back in the day.

One of the things you’ll notice when you’re walking through the neighborhoods in the Wealthy Theatre District is the similarity to all the homes. That’s because it was all built around the same time, using what’s called the American Foursquare Foundation, which included four rooms on the first floor and four rooms on the second. So a lot of the homes in the area have the exact same layout with just some minor tweaks here and there.

Things to do in Wealthy Theatre District

What you’ll find when you visit that’s so appealing about the area is the actual walkability from near Wealthy and Diamonds. In this area, you’ll see a lot of the most popular bars and restaurants in the area, so there are plenty of things to do, and it’s as simple as walking out your front door and being at a coffee shop or one of your favorite bars or restaurants just down the road.

This neighborhood is hugely popular with a lot of people due to the back of its geographical location. We’re only a short distance from the expressway and a very short drive to downtown Grand Rapids where you can catch a game, grab a bite to eat, or catch a great show.

If you’re moving to the area just for the sole purpose of working in the medical field, we’re actually extremely close to any of the local hospitals in the area, so it makes it for a convenient walk, bike, drive, or flat out commute to work each day.

Some of the most popular hotspots in this particular neighborhood are the Wealthy Street Theatre. It has a lot of historical value and it’s a great opportunity to catch an Indie film. You can also rent it out for private events, and it’s got that old historic vibe and feel to it within the theatre itself.

A couple of our team’s favorite restaurants would be the Electric Cheetah, Uncle Cheetahs, which is the best soup shop in town in my opinion, and Hancock, which is the best chicken sandwich in the area as well. There’s a lot of variety within this immediate neighborhood, plus so much going on outside of the neighborhood as well.

If you’re making a move to the Grand Rapids area and you’re trying to find a neighborhood that’s in the middle of all the action, the Wealthy Theatre District is a perfect option to consider. Being right in the thick of it with a lot of nightlife going on and a lot of vibrant things happening in this neighborhood, this is the perfect option for you.

If you’re looking to make a move to the Wealthy Theatre District or any other area in Grand Rapids or the greater West Michigan area, connect with our team for support!