Spring Homeowner Tips

Spring has officially sprung, and with that comes all of the joys of a new season in Michigan. That mostly looks like: yard cleanup and home preparations for the warmer, sunnier months. 

We've compiled a list of Spring Home Maintenance Tips from our friends over at HGTV and Houzz.com to help you make your home Spring-ready!

  1. Make sure to check shingles, roof tiles, sidewalks and driveways: harsh winter weather can wear and crack these elements — make sure you're prepared for the April showers by replacing any broken, loose or weathered shingles. Asphalt patches might be needed, and checking to make sure you don't need any concrete replaced is necessary. 
  2. Check your gutters: this one might seem like a no-brainer, but leaves and debris can clog most gutters, causing more water damage to your roof by preventing proper drainage. Make sure you've got a sturdy ladder (and a friend to spot you while you're on it), and clean those bad boys out before the extra rain in Spring drowns you out. 
  3. Be vigilant about termites: make sure to keep an eye out for these hungry buggers — they swarm in the springtime.
  4. Check outside faucets for freeze damage: low pressure can indicate interior pipe damage. You should also check your hose for dry rot. 
  5. Make sure you've got a clean + properly serviced A/C unit: make sure you change the interior filters and have at least one annual service call. A clean unit runs more efficiently — saving you energy and $$
  6. Prevent bugs (especially mosquitoes): get rid of standing water around your house to help prevent the spread of diseases carried by insects. 
  7. Make sure your fireplace is clean: check both the inside and outside of your fireplace, and call a professional chimney sweep if your flue needs cleaning. 
  8. Check for any window or door screen damage: to keep the bugs outside where they belong, make sure to check all of your window, door, and porch screens before springtime. There are DIY repair kits available at most hardware stores. 

Do YOU have tips for Spring home owning you'd like to share? Email us at [email protected]!

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Cover photo via: http://meetingsmichigan.blogspot.com/2011/04/michie-experiences-frederik-meijer.html