Sietsema Orchards

About twelve miles east of Grand Rapids, MI sits Sietsema Orchards in the heart of Ada. Sietsema Orchards has become a popular destination for locals and residents in the surrounding areas during the fall. There are several working farms in the area and one such place is Sietsema Orchards on 8540 2 Mile Road.
Jerry Sietsema, Jr. wasn’t always in the orchard business. Before founding the Sietsema Orchard and Cider Mill, he was in the very different world of real estate. Luckily for us, amidst the Great Depression, Jerry Sietsema, Jr. decided to take a risk and put up a family farm and orchard in the countryside of Grand Rapids, Michigan. The land he purchased from a minister and his wife were once part of the Underground Railroad. He knew the land would be ideal for planting and propagating an orchard because the land was far outside of town and elevated enough to prevent the apple blossoms from freezing in the late spring. The orchard remained there from 1934 to 1995.
When the Orchard moved to Ada, its market was primarily a wholesale. But in 2010, they opened their doors to the public to allow them to enjoy and experience a true family farm. Sietsema Orchards | Ada  Tours for groups are available to give people a literal taste for orchard living. The tour includes a hay ride through the Sietsema Orchard. Along the way, you will find out about everything that goes into the running of the orchard from the types of trees planted, to how the trees are planted and cared for, as well as the varieties of apples that are harvested from the orchard. You will be allowed to pick and take home one apple and at the end of the tour, you will be able to partake of a glass of fresh cider and an apple. Questions will be answered by the guide, if there is any other information you may need to know about the orchard and how it is run.
Another new and brilliant addition to opening up the orchard to the public is the Farm to Table Dinner Series, where guests will be treated to a custom dinner menu that will enhance your overall Ada experience. The dinner is held in a large barn in the orchard and the meal is prepared by local chef. Every dinner is bound to be a unique and flavorful experience of “Honest Eats from the Burbs”, paired with the award winning cider of Sietsema Orchards. Space is limited so reservations are encouraged.
Now, with all the beautiful, sumptuous feasting to be had for all the senses, wouldn’t it be great to be able to live in the area instead of just visiting it? After you’ve had a taste of the good life, after all, you’d want to bask in it for as long as you can. There are many properties for sale in the area to suit your budget, style and taste. You may want to take a look at them while you’re up here. After basking amidst the trees and rivers and meadows, you may want to make this your new home where you can sit back, relax, and enjoy another glass of cider in the crisp fall Ada air.

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