Sell your home for more in Grand Rapids

You have already moved into your new home and are ready to sell your other home currently sitting empty in Grand Rapids. The question comes should you stage your home or not? When listing a vacant home we recommend staging. There are so many benefits to staging and the cost is minimal compared to the return on investment.

Here are the TOP 5 reasons you should consider staging:

  1. Staging helps buyers visual the property as a future home.

  2. Buyers will more easily see the value in a home when staged, bringing in a stronger offer.

  3. Staging increases the chances of buyers wanting to walk through the home they saw pictures of online, which increases traffic.

  4. Homes that are staged sell faster!

  5. Your homes flaws can be overlooked.

Take a look at one of the homes May Group Realtors had staged and see for yourself on the difference it makes! This home sold within 24 hours of being listed.