While here in Michigan, we've been plagued by the Second Coming of Winter in April, we've had a LOT of time to kill indoors. Snow days are no joke, so to stave off cabin fever, we compiled a list of our FAVORITE realtors from movies + TV. Love them or hate them, these memorable property movers are the epitome of what it means to get the job done. 

Check out our list below!


Joel + Sheila Hammond, Santa Clarita Diet, Netflix

Joel and Sheila Hammond are number one on our list because they truly value the things that matter in life: family, and doing the right thing. Joel is the ultimate ride-or-die husband, who is there for Sheila when their idyllic life as a married realtor duo is turned upside down by Sheila's umm.. un-death. While the show is a little gruesome and definitely not for kids, our love for this show is just like Sheila's love for Joel -- undying. 


Donna Meagle, Parks and Recreation

Donna Meagle is low key the most interesting character on Parks and Recreation. While she started with Gerry Gergich as more of a secondary character, over her 7 seasons in Pawnee, she managed to work full time while getting her realtors license, paid off her condo in Seattle, and basically made her dreams come true with her gorgeous husband by her side (shoutout to Keegan Michael-Key!). In her own words she "came in 9th in Italy's Got Talent, served on a NASCAR pit crew, and was once a member of En Vogue (technically she kicked them out)." She's our ultimate dream girl and we love her big heart too.

Treat yo'self to some Donna Meagle today!


Carolyn Burnham, American Beauty

OK, so Carolyn might have made some mistakes, but at the end of the day she was a damn good realtor. She is all about the details, and cares about the little things. "I will sell this house today" will never be said so convincingly by anyone else. 


Peter Klaven, I Love You, Man

While Peter might not be the biggest "man's man," he's a real shark when it comes to real estate. Thanks to his BFF Sydney, his billboards took off and Peter was able to sell Lou Ferrigno's house solo, while literally putting the smackdown on his rival in the process. Hey Peter Klaven - we love you, man.


Blake, Glengarry Glen Ross

Blake is like Beyonce - too busy and important for a last name. He's mean and brash and is all about business, but he's been sent to motivate the sales team, which he successfully does through fear. While we don't always think of Alec Baldwin when we think of real estate, he'll forever be associated with the ABC's in our hearts. #AlwaysBeClosing