Our Favorite Local Grand Rapids Restaurants

Who doesn’t love finding a new (to you) restaurant to check out in your area? Today we’re talking about a few of our favorite restaurants in and around Grand Rapids. While some of these you may already know and love, you never know, you may just find out about a restaurant that will soon be your new favorite! 


  • Experience the farms, seasons, and flavors of Michigan.

Honey Creek Inn

  • An Irish Pub under Polish Management.

Donkey Taqueria

  • Donkey Taqueria offers a unique and authentic experience built around original recipes that demand the freshest, hand-picked ingredients.


  • A lot of things in this thing called life suck…but ya still gotta eat. We serve up good food to go. Handmade. Fresh. No bullshit.

Now let us know, what are your favorite Grand Rapids restaurants?

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