Our favorite Grand Rapids Fitness Centers

4 Gyms to try in Grand Rapids

It’s that time of year again when so many of us work to get focused on our health and wellness, and what better way to start our healthy journey than to get into some of the local gyms and fitness centers here in Grand Rapids? There are so many different styles of gyms to choose from and you’re sure to find the community and workout that best suits your interest.

Zeal Aerial Fitness 

We are going to kick off our tour at Zeal Aerial Fitness in Wyoming. Here at Zeal, they are focused on alternative fitness opportunities, so they have classes ranging from silk aerial fitness, bungee classes, pole fitness classes, and Lira classes, as well as some hamlet classes. If you haven’t heard of some of those classes, be sure to check out Zeal Aerial Fitness to learn more and if you have the opportunity, definitely come try it for yourself.

There is no prior experience or knowledge of any of the classes necessary, so you can just show up with a willingness to learn. This space is also great for private events, bachelorette parties, and birthday parties. They host many great events, so check them out for either a private event class or one of their other classes on zealaerialfitness.com or any of the social media platforms at Zeal Aerial Fitness.

8th Day Gym 

Next, we are going to pop down to the 8th Day Gym in Downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan. This is a CrossFit gym and a great space if you are looking to focus on full-body workouts. It is all strength-focus, endurance-focus, and all about making sure that your body is functional and performing at a high level. CrossFit is all about a very communal and inclusive environment, so if you’re looking for a group workout environment, this is definitely the space to check out.

Orangetheory Fitness 

Next up, we are heading to Orangetheory Fitness located on the Beltline and Knapp’s Corner. If you’re looking for a group fitness opportunity, classes have about 24 to 36 people each and are split into three different segments. You spend a third on a treadmill, a third on the rower, and then a third on the weight floor doing bodywork and weight training. It’s very heavy, high-intensity interval training with a mixture of both cardio and weight training. What’s unique about this gym is you are given a heart rate monitor, and during each class, you’re monitoring and tracking all of your stats and data. Orangetheory Fitness has drop-in classes, class packs, and membership options available. It’s a great spot if you’re looking for high-intensity interval training and to work out with some friends and meet new people.

Inside Moves Rock Climbing 

Our final stop is Inside Moves Rock Climbing gym. If you’re looking for a different type of workout, you’re going to love this space. They have two warehouses, one where you can practice your bouldering climbing, which is climbing without any harnesses or ropes on shorter routes. Their other warehouse is a space to do top roping and lead climbing. They also have an auto belay system, so you can strap into the ropes, get your harness on, and then climb up a little bit higher. This gym is located down in the Byron Center area and is a great space if you’re looking to climb by yourself in the bouldering room or climb with some friends or meet new people in the top rope room.

We would love to hear more about your favorite fitness experiences or classes in Grand Rapids and which Grand Rapids fitness centers we should check out next.