Living in Eastown Grand Rapids, Michigan

Welcome to the heart of Eastown, one of the best neighborhoods in Grand Rapids, Michigan. We’re going to check out everything that we love about the area and why it is such an amazing place to live. Eastown is one of the hottest neighborhoods in Grand Rapids for a number of reasons, so let’s get started. 

Real Estate in Eastown

Home prices in the past year have ranged from $155,000 up to $715,000 averaging out to around $335,000 to $430,000. Single-family home sizes are typically a four-bed, two-bath home. You can have a little bit of a yard, but you’re in the city so lots tend to be a little bit smaller here. On the other hand, there are a number of multi-family homes available in this neighborhood, and those have sold in a similar price range, between $330,000 and $450,000 price point. Those range from duplexes to quadplexes, and they’re widely available in the Eastown area as well.

One thing to know in this area: about 70% of homeowners actually own and live in their property, whereas 30% rent in the area. So you’re going to be living amongst similar homeowners. Eastown is essentially an extension of our amazing historic districts in Heritage Hill, East Hills, and Cherry Hill, so you’re going to see a ton of amazing and historic architecture throughout the Eastown neighborhood. Eastown is home to some beautiful green spaces as well, one of which is Aquinas College, which is a private university in the area. It has one of the most beautiful campuses and a great spot to enjoy its nature trails as well, making it a great place if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and into some greenery.

Recreation & Resources

Eastown is also home to Wilcox Park, which is a great spot if you’re looking to enjoy a picnic or play a game. They have a lot of great stuff going on there, as well as a playground if you have little ones that you want to take to enjoy the area as well. Eastown is very community-focused. They’re all about connecting their residents and providing resources for their residents, one of which is the Grand Rapids Pride Center. This is a great spot that supports LGBTQ community members. They have 11 different social and support groups, great education and training, as well as a lot of advocacy for the LGBTQ community. It’s a great safe haven for our LGBTQ community members. They also are responsible for the local Pride Festival every June. 

Two other local resources for residents are going to be the Eastown Community Association and Uptown GR. Both of these organizations are focused on uplifting the community and connecting residents. They offer a number of events throughout the year and they are all focused on building a community, improving the local businesses, and connecting residents. Eastown Community Association and Uptown GR also host annual events every summer. Eastown hosts a Bizarre Bazaar, and then there’s also another artisan market. Each summer you’re going to see streets lined up with local artists, some vendors, and great live entertainment; it’s just a great opportunity to get connected with your local residents and enjoy the neighborhood. 

Things to do in Eastown

Eastown is filled with so many amazing things to do. They have a number of awesome small businesses that line Wealthy Street, Lake Street, and beyond. We want to start by highlighting Funky Buddha Yoga Hothouse. This is a favorite yoga studio in the city with a number of classes throughout the day ranging from a power flow to a slow flow, so there are options for all skill levels. This is a hot yoga studio, so expect some heat, but it’s a great time.

Another fun thing to do is to make your own candles at Wax Poetic, a cute little candle bar. It doesn’t take much longer than 15 to 30 minutes, but it’s a great date night activity or something fun to do with your friends. And then you get a candle at the end to either keep yourself or give to someone else, so it’s a great activity to try. 

Finally, one last spot to check out is going to be Phlot GR, which is a sensory deprivation tank and a hydrotherapy spa. This is something different to try, but it’s very relaxing and calming. A couple of other favorites in the area are going to be Yours Truly, a gift store and apparel store, Earthly, the Cat’s Pajamas, and Rebel, another gift store and home goods store. There are so many amazing shops to come check out here.

Bars & Restaurants

Eastown is also home to some of Grand Rapids’ best bars and restaurants with a number of different options to try. Pursuit of Happiness is one of Eastown’s newest editions. They are a really cute champagne, bubbly, and charcuterie bar, so definitely a great spot to check out. A few other amazing restaurants in the area are Terra Grand Rapids. They serve a number of dishes that have great local ingredients from the West Michigan area. Chez Olga, it’s a great Caribbean jerk restaurant, and it’s in a very unique building, so definitely check that out. There’s also Matchbox Diner, which has a great breakfast, brunch, and dinner. Wolfgang’s is another really popular spot and you have to get there early morning for their great breakfast because there’s always a line out the door. And finally, Yesterdog, a world-famous hot dog and chili dog stand that celebrities from all over have come and visited and enjoyed, so check that out as well. It’s one of our historic restaurants in Eastown. 

Schools in Eastown

Eastown is a part of the Grand Rapids Public School system, so you’ve got access to those nearby. And in addition to that, you’ve got a couple of different private schools in the area as well.

If you are looking to live in one of the most walkable, eclectic, and fun neighborhoods in Grand Rapids, Eastown is definitely the spot for you. Please comment below with any questions you have on the area.