Is Grand Rapids Obsessed with Pickleball?

Not only is Grand Rapids known as Beer City, USA, but there’s one other topic that makes Grand Rapids the third most obsessed city here in this country. That’s right, today we’re talking about pickleball.

When visiting Grand Rapids it might come as a surprise that Grand Rapids was recently ranked the third most pickleball-obsessed city in the country. This sport has exploded in popularity, especially here in our city. You can’t throw a pickleball any further away from a pickleball court no matter where you live in the city. Whether it’s Byron Center all the way up to Rockford, we’re just as close to a pickleball court as you are to any body of water.

Belknap Park

You could probably call Belknap Park the epicenter of the pickleball community here in the Grand Rapids area. Belknap Park has seen an explosion in popularity and courts throughout the many years that pickleball has grown. Pickleball’s ascent in Grand Rapids can be attributed to a combination of factors including the accessibility, the social appeal, and the city’s proactive approach to recreational programming. What started as a modest interest among a handful of residents has blossomed into a full-fledged movement, with players of all skill levels flocking to the city’s courts.

Grand Rapids Recreational Growth

It’s no surprise that Grand Rapids ranked third in the country because another key factor in the Grand Rapids emergence as pickleball’s hot spot is the city’s commitment to investing in the recreational, infrastructure, and programming. With the growth of bringing in a professional tour, the Beer City Open, there are constant events happening nonstop around the city with pickleball. Whether it’s indoor or outdoor, it’s a year-round activity that all can enjoy.

What is pickleball?

For those of you who are not too familiar with what pickleball is, unlike some sports that require specialized equipment or extensive training, pickleball can be enjoyed by almost anyone. With its smaller court size and slower pace compared to tennis, pickleball is particularly well-suited for seniors and those looking for a low-impact, yet engaging form of exercise.
Another appealing aspect of the sport is the low cost of entry. No matter where you live in the city, there’s always a court nearby and there’s always somebody there to catch a game with. What we’ve been seeing quite a bit throughout the city are new courts popping up in different parks due to demand.
There are a lot of players all around the city who are always looking for games, and it’s really great and popular to have one located in your neighborhood. If it’s a sport that you’ve been thinking about picking up or sounds appealing, Grand Rapids is a perfect spot to come and enjoy a nice couple of games of pickleball.

All Levels are Welcome

Whether you’re entering tournaments, playing pickup games, or joining indoor leagues, the Grand Rapids pickleball community has options for everyone and every skill level. It’s true when they say that the appeal of the court is its different level of competitiveness. Whether you’re looking for a nice leisurely game or a little bit more competitive such as a tournament, or working on your skill, there’s always something to do in this city. A few members of our team started playing this sport a few years ago and have really grown to love it.

If you’re looking to make the move in and around Grand Rapids (and maybe find your pickleball community), connect with our team to get started!