Grand Rapids One Of The Most Affordable Cities In The Midwest

If you’re looking for a great place to live where you can get the most for your dollar, Grand Rapids, Michigan is it. Yes, we are one of the top realtors in Grand Rapids so we are a little biased, but the numbers can speak for themselves. The city of Grand Rapids is ranked 21st in the U.S according to the “2015 Best-Performing Cities” index. Since 2009, Grand Rapids has ranked 9th for job growth, which will only improve with the city’s continuing investment in hotels, retail, and housing market.

artprize in grand rapids

With extensive investment in the city’s downtown attractions, you’ll be able to have more fun at a smaller expense. Grand Rapids has 3 minor league professional sports, nick-named beer city, and is only a short drive to the beaches of Lake Michigan. Additionally, Grand Rapids is home to Art Prize, the largest art competition in the world, spanning three square miles in the heart of downtown. You won’t get bored living in Grand Rapids, and the money you save can be spent on the countless amenities the city has to offer.

We compared Grand Rapids to the biggest cities in the midwest and it stacks up quite favorably. Using a baseline salary of $75,000 in CNN Money's cost of living calculator we compared Grand Rapids to these other cities in terms of what would be a comparable salary, and the percentage cost difference in groceries, housing, utilities (Grand Rapids shows as the baseline of 0%). The one area where Grand Rapids takes a bit of a hit compared to the rest of these cities (many of which have large public transportation systems) is the cost of transportation. You'll find that Grand Rapids has the lowest health care costs and is in the top five in every category outside of transportation. 

grand rapids affordability chart

If you're living in the Grand Rapids area already, this may not surprise you. If you're on your way to West Michigan, or considering a move feel free to get in touch with one of our experienced realtors.

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