Fresh Coast Living



If you hadn’t guessed it already, living surrounded by the largest bodies of freshwater in the world has an abundance of perks. From lakes, to rivers, creeks and more- Grand Rapids is overflowing with fresh water to enjoy. Whether you’re a lounger looking to relax with a book along the shore or a thrill-seeker eager to hit some waves- our fresh coast is the place for you!




    Lake Michigan

    An obvious favorite and can be just a short drive from Grand Rapids. There are so many options for beaches to lounge, family friendly activities, great places to eat, wineries to check out, and hiking trails to enjoy.


    Reeds Lake

    Nestled amongst one of the most unique and wealthy neighborhoods in East Grand Rapids, Reeds boasts crystal clear water, park access, boat launches, a path to run or walk and more. This lake is approximately 4 miles from downtown Grand Rapids, making it a quick drive, walk or bike. Enjoy lounging lakeside with a nice read, taking your boat for a spin, kayaking or stand up paddle boarding, fishing, sailing, swimming or simply listening to the sweet sounds of local wildlife.


    Millenium Park

    As one of the largest greenspaces in the nation, Millenium Park offers plenty to do for all things outdoors. The park is a quick 5.6 miles from downtown Grand Rapids, and there are bike paths that could lead you all the way there. Visit Millenium Park to swim in the man-made lake, sunbathe along the beach, grab a snack, rent a kayak, paddleboat or stand up paddle board, hike along paved trails or get soaked at the Mehney Splashpad.


    Bostwick Lake

    A popular cottage or vacation spot, Bostwick Lake, offers public access and boat launches to visitors and locals alike. This lake is 19 miles from downtown so prepare to pack up a car for the day. This is an all sports lake so all lake activities are encouraged and welcomed. Visitors can enjoy a park that offers a marked swimming area, and the Bostwick Lake Inn that has its own beach area perfect for sunbathing snack and/or drink in hand.


    Myers Lake Park

    From fun playgrounds to picnic areas and optimal fishing spots, Myers Lake Park is the perfect spot for a family day! This lake is 20 miles from downtown, so pile your friends, family, coolers, chairs & blankets in the car for a quick trip north to visit this lake. Most enjoy swimming, relaxing along the beach, fishing, playing in the playgrounds and walking along paved trails.




    Grand River / Riverside Park

    Grand River, the largest river in the state, flows through downtown Grand Rapids on its way to Lake Michigan. This river is in the heart of the city, and is near impossible to miss, making it easily accessible. This river is perfect for fishing for salmon, steelhead, walleye and more between the rapids. The river is also a great place to kayak, canoe or stand up paddleboard. Access this river in: Ada, Grand River Riverfront, Grandville, Johnson Park, Knapp Street, Lowell, Riverside Park, Rogue River and/or Sixth Street Dam.


    Thornapple River

This elaborate 88-mile long tributary of the Grand River runs through the Forest Hills, Ada and East Kentwood, making it a quick 14 mile drive from downtown. Its windy, long bends makes this river a popular destination for fishermen, boaters and kayakers alike. There are various areas for public access