East Grand Rapids Schools

With a total of five schools, East Grand Rapids Schools are among the best in the state of Michigan. There are three primary schools, a middle school and a high school for a total of about 3,000 children attending all the schools. The Breton Downs Elementary School has 424 children has earned a high rating among similar schools. A good feature about living in Michigan is that a child who lives in the state can go to any school in his school district, if it has been deemed that the school in his area is scored as low performing. The Michigan School District calls this intradistrict choice. This is a good way to keep the schools high performing and give the students the best possible education. There are also Charter schools available in the area, in addition to the East Grand Rapids schools, who have earned high awards.

The East Grand Rapids Schools is proud of the High School. The High School proudly boasts a 14 lane competitive swimming pool, which is used for swimming classes and varsity sports. It is also available for open swim times. The East Grand Rapids Football team brings out a lot of school pride among the students and residents both, who all come out to support the team.

The East Grand Rapids Schools are located in a small midwestern community in West Michigan. The schools offer a rigorous academic program with children who excel in all areas of study. The area is a nice, family based bedroom community with beautiful stately historic homes. There are East Grand Rapids homes for sale in all price ranges, offering homes for singles and families. Foreclosures offer future homeowners the opportunity to purchase a home at a low price. Some are fixer-uppers and some come fully ready to move in.

Anyone who is interested in a quiet community that offers excellent school district, in addition to lovely homes should check out the homes that are for sale in the East Grand Rapids School district.