Living in Downtown Grand Rapids (Condos in Downtown GR)

Today, we are going to talk about downtown condo living in Grand Rapids but before we get started, we want to give you a little bit of insight into why people love living in downtown Grand Rapids. To start, Grand Rapids has over 40 condo developments in the downtown area and people love how it’s an easily walkable community. The amenities have continued to improve for residents over the years, transportation services have grown, and shopping has also developed. We have grocery stores, entertainment, and parks. If you want to be in an awesome, walkable community where you can just stay here and have everything you need, this is Downtown Grand Rapids condo living.

Condos in Downtown Grand Rapids

The Fitzgerald Building

The Fitzgerald Building has an elegant refurbished feel to this historical building. It’s eight stories with 50 high-end unique condos. There are amazing amenities with a rooftop deck, an awesome common area on the main floor with a quaint library, and underground parking. For people that are looking to live in a historical building and be right in the center of the city, the Fitzgerald Building is a great option.

Riverhouse Condominiums

Another option for downtown condo living is the Riverhouse condominium complex over on the Northwest side. It’s right downtown and is the largest building in Grand Rapids. It is the largest, fully residential building in the state of Michigan. If you’re looking for incredible views, this is 100% the place. This building is a high-end, luxury feel with 205 units of various shapes and sizes. There are multiple penthouse units on the top floor that give those incredible views. The amenities here are great including 24/7 security, fitness center, pool, club room, underground parking, and covered parking. There are so many great benefits to living at Riverhouse! 

Monroe Center

Moving on to Monroe Center in the heart of the city. This is an awesome stretch with many condos of varying sizes and shapes to meet your needs. Most of these condos have private balconies or decks, and secured garage parking. If you’re looking for the ultimate walkability, these would be an absolutely great option.

Plaza Towers

Before the Riverhouse condominiums came along, the largest residential building in Grand Rapids was the Plaza Towers. Right in the heart of the city, this has been a staple in Grand Rapids for decades. This building is a mixed-use building with a hotel at the bottom, apartments on the middle floors, and floors 15 to 30 are condos. There are 144 condos in this building of all shapes and sizes and top-notch amenities. They have security, a fitness center, pool, and like everything we’re talking about today, it is incredibly walkable.

Boardwalk Condominiums

Another great condominium complex on the north side of Grand Rapids is the Boardwalk condominium complex. The cool thing about this building is that it’s a completely refurbished furniture factory. At one time, this was one of the largest furniture factories in the world and now it is 242 incredibly unique condos that give you that historical feel. There are wood beams in the ceilings and they have made great strides by putting an in-ground pool and hot tub in the center, an atrium area on one side of the building, and an amazing garden courtyard. There is even an onsite restaurant. Some of the other great amenities include laundry, a fitness center, and a game room.

There are many great reasons to enjoy downtown condo living from all of the amenities, walkability, and fun to have while living in Downtown Grand Rapids.