All About Living in Hudsonville, MI

It’s time to talk about Hudsonville, MI, one of the fastest-growing communities in the entire state of Michigan. Located in Ottawa County, which borders Kent County in West Michigan, it’s time to learn about Hudsonville and all that it has to offer.

Where Hudsonville, MI is located

We need to understand the location of Hudsonville is about 15 minutes west of downtown Grand Rapids. It’s right in between Grand Rapids and Holland, off the 196 Expressway. There’s the M6 corridor, which loops down to the southern part of Hudsonville. From a geographical standpoint, 196 and the 32nd Street corridor, all used to be farmland, and that’s going to be your major business district headed into the downtown community. With that said, Hudsonville is not known for having an extensive downtown. They’re working on that, but Hudsonville is definitely more known as a farming and agricultural community, and that’s probably why this is one of the fastest-growing communities in West Michigan because there’s plenty of space.

Hudsonville Real Estate

Let’s talk real estate next in Hudsonville, MI, our specialty. As of August 2023, the average sale price in Hudsonville is above the greater Grand Rapids average and sitting at right around $417,000. Getting back to the large area of Hudsonville, there’s a lot of open space which has led to a lot of newer development. This land has been cost-effective for a lot of builders to build on, so you’ll see a ton of new construction in Hudsonville. People come here, get a lot for their money, get brand-new construction, and that’s probably a big reason why this is one of the fastest-growing communities in Michigan.

But there are other things that you can find as far as real estate goes. There is great farmland, so you can find some great farmhouses, you can get some acreage for yourself to build on, and there are some cool, smaller, all-sports lakes in Hudsonville, so you can certainly get most of what you’re looking for. But if we had to sum it up, we would say fast-growing, open space, and new construction. From a real estate perspective, that is what Hudsonville is known for.

Recreation & Things to Do

Getting into some recreational activities in and around the Hudsonville area, there are plenty of opportunities. One of these options is the Hudsonville Nature Center. Now, a large, 76-acre park right off of 196, right next to the heart of Hudsonville. There are an additional five parks including the Port Sheldon Sports Complex, which is a nice sports complex for baseball and soccer. The other thing that we have to mention is in June, Hudsonville is known for its annual Hudsonville Balloon Days. This is a hot air balloon festival and we’ve done some cool stuff in the community with the RE/MAX hot air balloons, but on the hot air balloon days, you’ll see tons of hot air balloons, food trucks, local vendors, music, night glows, and overall just a ton of fun.

Some other things to think about are the number of farms in Hudsonville, and the options for orchards and maybe even some hot donuts. One favorite is Post Family Farms. This is an 80-acre farm that you could go to on a Saturday morning, especially in the fall, get a nice glazed donut, have some cider, play some games, and walk around. It has a great event space for weddings and things of that nature. We also need to mention Action Wake Park in Hudsonville. Believe it or not, this was Michigan’s first full-size cable park where you can wakeboard, water ski, kneeboard, and practice in a cool, safe environment. There are some ideas for fun things to do in the Hudsonville community.

Schools in Hudsonville, MI

Of course, we need to highlight the school district and what the school district has to offer in Hudsonville. Per, Hudsonville comes in at number nine in the greater Grand Rapids area for area school districts. It stretches all the way north to Grand Valley State University, all the way east bordering Byron Center over by Kenaway Avenue, south down to 146th Avenue, which is right around the Dorr area, and then west around 80th Avenue, which is going to border the Zealand area, so quite a large area there.

There are close to 7,000 students in the school district. There are eight elementary schools, one fifth and sixth building, two middle schools, one freshman center, and one large high school. The high school is doing a massive addition, so that’s going to feature some state-of-the-art facilities. They do have one of the lower student-to-teacher ratios that we’ve talked about, at 18 students per teacher. 

We hope you’ve learned about what it’s like to live in Hudsonville. We love running around the West Michigan community and sharing everything about what it feels like and looks like to live here. If you’re looking to buy or sell in Hudsonville or anywhere around the West Michigan area, connect with our team for support!