5 FAQ About Moving to Grand Rapids

We’ve helped a lot of people make the move to Grand Rapids so we get a lot of questions about making the move, Grand Rapids neighborhoods, and all about our amazing city. So what are the top questions about moving to Grand Rapids that we get? Let’s break it down.

5 FAQ About Moving to Grand Rapids

What is Grand Rapids Michigan known for? 

There are a few things, but let’s start with the fact that Grand Rapids was once known as the furniture capital of the world. This city has an amazing history with some longstanding furniture companies that are still in place today like Steelcase and Herman Miller. We’re also considered Beer City USA. We have many amazing breweries in the area. We are part of the Pure Michigan Campaign, which is one of the most beautiful places in the Midwest. And Grand Rapids was home to Gerald R. Ford, former president of the United States.

Where are the great neighborhoods in Grand Rapids?

This is such a tough question because there are so many great neighborhoods in this city. Oftentimes people are thinking about how walkable is the community. Can they walk out their front door and walk around the neighborhood, get to their neighborhood grocery store, or meet their friends for coffee? People absolutely love that. Other things that people are often thinking about are the school districts. And of course, someone’s desire for a style of home or way of living will totally come into play. We have great opportunities for downtown living that may be just what one person is looking for while someone else is looking for a quieter neighborhood.

How is the food and dining experience?

The short answer to that is the food and dining in Grand Rapids is absolutely phenomenal. Grand Rapids has made incredible strides, especially over the last decade, in becoming known for its culinary experience, and of course, we’re also known as Beer City USA. 

Grand Rapids Community College is actually known as one of the top culinary schools in the world. With that, they bring in great chefs who often end up staying here leading us to all sorts of incredible dining experiences in Grand Rapids. 

What type of recreational activities does Grand Rapids have to offer?

There are so many things this community has to get you involved in nature. Number one is our proximity to Lake Michigan. We are 30 minutes away from one of the largest, most beautiful, freshwater lakes in the world. Lake Michigan is an absolute highlight. On top of that, you have many miles of biking and hiking trails. There are also ski resorts and mountain biking is making a major push in this community. There are so many things to enjoy as far as recreation goes in this community.

What types of schools does Grand Rapids have to offer?

West Michigan as a whole is ranked very high as far as public schools. There are also plenty of opportunities as far as charter schools, private schools, and some incredible specialty schools which include tons of emerging programs. All of Josh’s children are involved in the local Spanish immersion programs and they have absolutely loved it. Grand Rapids has opportunities for any student with plenty of great schools to support your children. 

If you have any additional questions you want us to answer, definitely comment below and we will be happy to get them answered too.