4 Mealtime Resources for a Happy Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving dinner is probably the most anticipated meal of the year — which puts a ton of pressure on anyone
with hosting duties. Don't panic! The resources below will help you prevent (or smooth over) most cooking blunders.

1. USDA Leftovers and Food Safety Guide
Don't let food poisoning destroy your Black Friday shopping plans – use these tips to store leftovers the right way.

2. Turkey-Talk Line
Something fowl happening in your oven? Before asking your mother-in-law for input, you can call the Turkey-Talk
line. The free service offered by Butterball fields more than 100,000 inquiries each year in November and

3. Identifying Hidden Sources of Gluten
Gluten can be found in more dishes than you may suspect. Broths, seasonings and many processed foods either
contain or are processed in the same facility as gluten. This guide from Udi's describes the taste and texture of
foods with gluten, which can give you a better idea of when to double check what's safe for a GF-guest to eat.

4. Substitutions & Measurements
Whether you ran out of a certain spice, are working with herbs or forgot how to calculate fractions, here are some
handy reference tools to save the day!

Would your Thanksgiving be better with a bigger kitchen, extra guest room or more space for parking?