102 Things to do with your Family at Home

102 Ideas of What to Do While at Home

Looking to add a new activity to your family’s daily routine at home? We’ve got inspiration for you in every corner of your house. We hope you & your families are staying healthy & making new memories while at home during these interesting times. Please reach out if you’re looking for more ideas or would like to share ideas of your own with us!


Things to do in the kitchen:

  • Bake cookies. Or muffins. Or make pull taffy! (It takes forever, so it’s perfect right now).

  • Try a new recipe with an international twist – try your hand at making pad thai, chicken curry or roll your own sushi.

  • And don’t forget dessert – try homemade tiramisu or creme brulee.

  • Have a bubblegum bubble blowing contest.

  • Make trail mix to take on a hike.

  • Make pizza with homemade dough.

  • Have a taco night with homemade tortillas.

  • Make homemade pasta (really easy!) and sauce.

  • Host cooking/baking lessons.

  • Practice scissor cutting for younger ones, knife cutting for older ones.

  • Take turns preparing meals and designing a menu. Invite the whole family to your trendy restaurant.

  • At the ‘restaurant’, practice fine manners.

  • Learn about what different cooking utensils are used for.

  • Learn about the different foods in your fridge/cupboards and how to store them.

  • Learn fractions with measuring spoons/cups.

  • Record a collection of recipes to make a ‘family favourites’ recipe book.

Things to do in the Living Room:

  • Build a fort. Have lunch in it!

  • Turn up the music and DANCE.

  • Stretch, do yoga, do pilates.

  • Introduce the kids to influential musical legends of our past – Janis Joplin, Bob Marley, Paul Simon…

  • Plant a seed and watch it grow. Create a seed journal.

  • Design a bridge between two tables and see how much it can hold.

  • Attempt trick shots with ping pong balls into a cup.

  • Make a train/plane of all the chairs in the house. Go on an adventure.

  • Set up your tent and have a camping night… complete with oven s’mores.

  • Tell ghost stories.

  • Play table football with coins.

  • Have a karaoke contest.

  • Play school. Let the kids be the teachers.

  • Watch a classic movie.

  • Draw finger pictures on a sibling’s back.

Things to do in the Bedroom:

  • Teach kids how to fold fitted sheets.

  • Read aloud to your kids – no matter how old.

  • Host a stuffed animal or doll tea party.

  • Have a sleepover party in a sibling’s bedroom.

  • Sort through kid’s clothes and toys.

  • Make a list of what items are needed for the next season.

  • Have a glow-in-the-dark party in the closet (T-shirts, glow bracelets, etc).

Things to do in the Laundry Room/Bathroom:

  • Teach kids to sew on a button.

  • Teach your kids to do laundry.

  • Show them how to fold/hang clothes.

  • Take a bubble bath.

  • Have a spa day… nails/hair/massages.

  • Make your own bath bombs.

Things to do in the Outdoors:

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