Eastown in Grand Rapids, MI is a very desirable place to live for many happy people. Eastown homes for sale offer anyone looking for a home the ability to live in a highly sought after area. Eastown is an area that is just a five minute ride on available public transportation from all the fun and excitement that downtown Grand Rapids offers. East Town is a fun, happening town with a lot to offer. The area provides access to many specialty shops and galleries, restaurants, coffee houses, entertainment venues, and businesses that cater to the needs of area residents and visitors. With many Eastown homes for sale you have the opportunity to take advantage of living in this desirable area.

As you’re looking for Eastown homes for sale, you will find that they are very affordable. The average home price in 2011 in Eastown is about $113,353, compared with $126,644 in Grand Rapids. Eastown is a quaint, old town, with most of the homes built in 1939 or earlier. Here you can find the most gorgeous, old homes offering a taste of history. Travel times to work are small, also, giving residents more time to spend with family. Since residents live so close to the city of Grand Rapids, with all of the available employment options, most commutes range between 10 to 15 minutes.

It’s obvious that historic Eastown is a fabulous place to live for singles and families, and anyone looking for Eastown homes for sale will not be disappointed. With a midwestern small town feel, the town is right outside of the large city of Grand Rapids, MI, making finding Eastown real estate a breeze. Get started with your home search with a knowledgeable Eastown realtor by contacting the May Group by giving us a call at 616-318-0924 or filling out our contact form.