Oct 30, 2018 |

This month’s 3x3 is a special, limited edition - we’re calling it a 2x2. Josh was in Africa with his family adopting 2 new kids and trying to get everyone back home safe and healthy, so Ross and Scott took on the challenge of this month’s video on their own!
We made our way to a local candle bar in Eastown called Wax Poetic. It’s the perfect place to gather with a group of friends, head out for a date night, host an event, or to pick up a gift, especially with the holidays right around...
Oct 16, 2018 |
While fall may be the perfect time for trips to the apple orchard and pumpkin patch, it’s also the time to start getting our homes ready for winter. Before we know it, our lawns will be snow covered and we’ll all be bundling up in our warmest coats as we head out into the winter wonderland that awaits. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. We still have plenty of fall to enjoy and a few tasks to take care of first. Here are seven things to get done outside before winter hits…

Check and...
Oct 1, 2018 | 3x3

Fall has arrived! The trees are starting to change color, there are crispy leaves to crunch on cool afternoon walks, and it’s the perfect time for apple cider during your trip to the orchard! And as you all know, it’s also the perfect time for Art Prize in downtown Grand Rapids!
For this month’s 3x3 video we made our way downtown to check out all that’s happening during Art Prize and get ourselves right in the middle of the action! There’s still a few days left to enjoy this year’s...
Sep 6, 2018 |

It’s hard to believe that it’s already September, the kids are back in school, and before we know it, fall weather will be in full swing! For this month’s 3x3 video we hit a local park to celebrate the start of the back to school season.
We want to start by highlighting a local charity, the Grand Rapids Student Advancement Foundation which provides resources needed for the students of the Grand Rapids Public Schools to learn, develop and thrive and for the schools to achieve education...
Aug 23, 2018 |
As if moving and getting everything set up and organized isn’t stressful enough, it’s hard to know what your new neighbors are going to be like. Obviously, even if you’ve been in your home for awhile, you don’t know what to expect of the new people moving in.
I think the solution is pretty easy though, take the opportunity to introduce yourself to the new crew and welcome them to the neighborhood. You never know, they could end up becoming your new best friends, being a good go-to to grab...
Aug 6, 2018 |
We are deep in the dog days of summer and while it is hot, hot, HOT out, we aren’t letting that stop us from getting outside and enjoying the summer sun while we still can!
For this month’s 3x3 video we are doing what so many Michiganders love doing in the summer months - CAMPING! We got our fire set up and with the marshmallows roasting away, we are ready to share a few fun events you don’t want to miss this month. We hope you enjoy these events and then check back next month to see...
Jul 20, 2018 |
You found the perfect home, offer is accepted, papers are signed, you’re all moved in and everything is just as it should be, right? Wrong. There’s a smell. Maybe you noticed it at the showing or maybe it seems new but it needs to go, so what do you do?
1. Clean, clean, clean
While you’ll probably think to do this anyway, it’s definitely worth mentioning. A good cleaning can really do wonders. This includes cleaning the walls, doors, baseboards and all corners and cracks that you...
Jul 2, 2018 |
Summer is in full swing and we’re excited! We are taking every opportunity to soak in the sunshine and warm weather with our family and friends and we hope you’re all doing the same!
We are back with this month’s 3x3 video coming in hot from the cottage to share a few fun events you don’t want to miss this month. Enjoy these events and then be sure to check back next month to see what other events we’re looking forward to in Grand Rapids!

Food Truck Fridays
Riverside Park    
Jun 7, 2018 |
One of our favorite things about summer in West Michigan is the abundance of locally grown fresh produce that we can pick up from our favorite farmers markets. There is never a shortage of fruits and veggies and regardless of the day, there’s usually a market somewhere! We pulled together a list of some of our favorites, where you can find them and when so you can get your hands on the best produce around town!
Fulton Street Farmers Market
1145 East Fulton Street
Grand Rapids, MI 49503...
May 31, 2018 | 3x3, 3 by 3
While there are technically still a couple weeks of spring remaining, it sure is feeling like summer in West Michigan so for this month’s 3x3 video we made our way to Rosa Parks Circle to soak in the sunshine.
There always seems to be something happening in Rosa Parks Circle over the summer including evening concerts, cultural festivals, and events for the whole family. Stay up to date on all the fun with ExperienceGR.

Can'd Aid
Perrin Brewing Company
Friday, June 15, 2018 at 5:00...