The community of Fulton Heights is full of fun and interactive activities that are always family and community oriented. Josh May Realtor enjoys the Fulton Heights area greatly, and is always eager to show off the fabulous neighborhood that is located near downtown Grand Rapids. Fulton Heights can always be seen hosting entertaining events within the community, like the Annual Block Party and also ‘Dumpster Days.’ To learn more about Downtown Grand Rapids or to view real estate for sale in Grand Rapids, click here. Also be sure to check out some of the exciting things there are to do in Fulton Heights below.


Fun in Fulton HeightsHillcrest Dog Park is one of the many reasons why pet owners choose to live in Fulton Heights. Hillcrest Dog Park is the only official off-leash dog park in Grand Rapids, and is located at Hillcrest Park, 1415 Lyon St. NE. The park includes a vast amount of shaded regions and specific areas outlined for small and large dogs. Dogs love to explore, run, and let off energy, while roaming around the dog run. Dogs are not the only ones who enjoy the park, as owners too love viewing the nature and scenery that Hillcrest Dog Park offers. Hillcrest Dog Park is the best way for your dog to receive physical and mental exercise. We guarantee that after a visit from Hillcrest Park your fury friend will sleep for hours. To learn more about Hillcrest Park, check out their Facebook page.


Fun in Fulton Heights | Grand Rapids, MIThe Hillcrest Community Garden is one of the largest community gardens in Michigan, and is one of the many reasons why the community of Fulton Heights is so desirable. The Fulton Heights Neighborhood Association and the Garden Committee, oversees and administrates the garden in order to ensure that long-time participants and eager new gardeners have opportunities to contribute in one of the true treasures of the city of Grand Rapids.The Fulton Heights Neighborhood Association has announced that there are garden plots available for sale. If you are interested in having a garden plot at Hillcrest Community Garden please contact Norma Jansma. For more information about the Fulton Heights Neighborhood Association and contact information please click here.


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