There’s a new Mexican restaurant in the East Hills part of Grand Rapids. The name is simply Donkey, which the owner says has no specific meaning, stating, “It was an off-the-cuff thing.” Located in an old, renovated gas station, Donkey is located at 665 Wealthy St. SE. As of this writing, there is no signage, so stop when you see the beautifully restored white gas station with a Mexican flair.

An old neon sign that says “Open” greets you when you enter Donkey, and you will be impressed with the exposed brick interior and the restored wood that was taken from abandoned homes in the Detroit area. In the summer months, guests can seat on the patio and enjoy the beautiful fountain during seasonable summer evenings.

The head chef at Donkey is Chicago chef Craig Svozil and the owner is restauranteur Paul Lee, who also owns the restaurant across the street, called the Winchester.

The menu offers some of the best authentic Mexican cuisine in Grand Rapids, featuring various types of tacos, tostadas and tortas made with roasted chicken, chorizo, pork, goat or battered whitefish. There are several vegetarian dishes, such as asadero cheese and spinach tacos or roasted mushroom and braised kale tostadas. The drink menu is also authentic Mexican, with a wide range of tequila drinks.


Donkey Taqueria in Grand Rapids is already getting rave reviews, with recent diners giving it four and five stars, stating, “The flavors are delicious… My husband got the chicken tostada. It was perfect in every way. Nicely spiced chicken with hints of cinnamon and clove, fresh lettuce topping, and it somehow didn’t crumble at the first bite. In talking with our server Kelly, we found the restaurant has just opened. I can’t believe everything is so polished for being open so briefly. We can’t wait for our next road trip to return to Donkey!”

“Great place. Ever heard if Big Star in Chicago? Much like their little brother. Awesome grub and drinks at fair prices. Short menu (great choices)-but ya don’t need much at a taqueria. Tostada con Pollo would be my number one recommendation with either the classic or prickly pair margarita…. I’m glad they opened so close to me because I will definitely come back quite a bit.”

Donkey Taqueria is open every day from 11 a.m to midnight.
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