Josh May - Owner / Realtor

Josh manages every angle of the listing and sales process from start to finish. With 15 years of experience as a Realtor, Josh understands the importance of providing sellers with the highest of service while obtaining top results for the sale of their home.  In order for this to happen, a high producing, knowledgeable group of professionals has to be in place.  Josh has assembled that staff for the sale of your listing. 616-318-0924

Ross Bacon - Realtor / Professional Photographer / Marketing

Ross is a licensed Realtor and assists with professional photography, video work, and creative marketing techniques for your home.  Ross works with the online buyer lead generation for your home and assisting with buyer showings and open house promotion. Contact Ross at 616-633-6619.

Scott Bradford - Realtor

Scott is a licensed Realtor and also assists with the online buyer lead generation for your home, assisting with showings, and hosting open houses.  Scott has tenacious buyer follow up skills, and also has years of experience as a licensed Real Estate Appraiser. 616-551-9735

Tricia Rivard - Transaction / Closing Coordinator

Tricia handles the sales process once an offer is accepted on your home.  With over 12 years experience in Real Estate transaction coordination and processing, Tricia has become an expert in keeping clients informed of the next steps in the closing process.

Katherine Apodaca - Client Specialist / Marketing

Katherine works to ensure that you are always informed with the activity and feedback for showing activity on your home.  Katherine works to keep you informed on market conditions through market snap shots and all listing activity.  Katherine also works on a daily basis to ensure that your listing is seen by as many potential buyers as possible through various marketing techniques and the online listing presentation of your home.

Jasmine Casiano - Realtor

Jasmine Casiano's professional history is in global sales and business advisory. Jasmine strives to bring value and integrity to her clients by her unmatched devotion and by building trust on a one-to-one local scale. Jasmine is fluent in Spanish and well equipped to serve a diverse array of home buyers