The downtown area of Grand Rapids constitutes of river-walkways, bridges, original and unique architecture complemented by stunning cityscape views. The city comes alive during the night when the nightlife begins.

The downtown Grand Rapids area combines all the above elements within a ½ mile radius where walking is highly encouraged and accentuated by the beautiful scenery. Downtown Grand Rapids has been ranked as the number 3 city in the United States for fun and recreation. Forbes Magazine ranked Grand Rapids among the top 15 U.S. Cities with emerging downtowns.

The area consists of many buildings that host all amenities you would want within an arm’s reach. Residents can access retail stores, restaurants, bars, offices, theaters, ice-cream parlors and indoor sports centers with just a short walk from their homes. Without a doubt, downtown Grand Rapids is indeed the cultural and entertainment center of West Michigan and the hub for conventions, concerts and major events. The downtown area is also loved for the ample space it provides for both large and small gatherings.

Downtown Grand Rapids is an ideal living place for people looking to move to a city that offers a thriving city life. If you love living in a place where you can do business during the day and only be a short walk to night time entertainment, downtown Grand Rapids is your ideal place! The downtown area combines cultural diversions of a cosmopolitan city with remarkable recreation of an outdoor lifestyle.

It goes without saying the neighborhoods are nothing short of secure and full of serene condos, apartments and homes suitable for anyone wanting to live in a society that is lively and welcoming. If you're in need of a downtown Grand Rapids realtor to find the right space for you, give us a call at 616-318-0924 or fill out our contact form.